Businesses can partner with our schools by offering spirit nights, donations, prizes for academic incentives, and food trucks at events. Partnerships are designed to be mutually beneficial, wherein the business gets recognition and traffic, and the school gets product donations for the students, or in the case of Spirit Nights or food trucks, a cut of the proceeds from the event. Our schools, teams, and clubs are permitted to only work with businesses on our approved partner list. Visit our partnership page to see a list of approved partners, and to learn how your business can become a partner with the Canyons School District.


PTAs and schools can each offer one traditional/product fundraiser or online fundraiser per academic year. Teams and clubs can run fundraisers as well. For fundraisers, students who choose to participate actively sell product or market on behalf of the business offering the fundraiser. The business and the school/PTA/club/team then share the profits. Our schools, PTAs, clubs, and teams can only work with businesses on our approved fundraiser list. Visit our Fundraiser pages for a list of approved fundraisers, and to learn how your business can start fundraising with the Canyons School District.

In addition to traditional/product fundraisers and online fundraisers, schools can choose to work on up to two charitable fundraisers each academic year. Charitable fundraisers are done to benefit the charity the school chooses; the school does not benefit monetarily from these fundraising campaigns.

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