Fundraiser Approval Process

Fundraiser Approval Process

Fundraising vendors that wish to offer their program/services to a school or organization within Canyons School District (CSD) must abide by the guidelines outlined below. For information about the District’s fundraising policy please visit Canyons School District’s Fundraising Policy. These guidelines are also intended to provide schools and organizations with the expectations Canyons School District has for all fundraising vendors.

CSD requires all vendors to acquire authorization from the Canyons Education Foundation before contacting any CSD school or organization. Approval status will be determined after review and fulfillment of the following documents/requirements/disclosures:

  • A copy of the organization’s current Business License
  • Application Fee of $50.00, payable to the Canyons Education Foundation (can be paid online at – click the yellow button beneath “Education Foundation General Fund”)
  • A completed fundraising vendor application
  • Organization’s current Professional Fundraising Permit with the Utah State Department of Consumer Protections, or an exemption letter from same. (Utah Code 13-22-2.11)
  • A Background Check on all vendor representatives who will be entering schools. There is no charge for this.
  • Disclosure of the nature of the fundraising (product sales/online sales/event)
  • Disclosure of the fee structure and details if there are different levels of service
  • Disclosure of the accounting process at the school level, including how the team/school receives the funds raised, and what is required of the school finance secretary, principal, coach, or team sponsor
  • Disclosure of online security procedures for student information
  • Submit the parent permission slip that will be used; the Canyons District media release does not cover students participating in online fundraising. The permission slip will include the intent to take or use any team, individual, or group photo and any personally identifiable information.

Fundraising entities must also agree to the following:

  • No return emails can go to students’ personal email accounts; must instead go to a ‘dead’ email within the vendor’s system.
  • No individual student’s fundraising goal or amount that an individual raises will be shared publicly/online (i.e. no individual shaming). Only team goals/team totals can be shared.
  • Student photos/names cannot be posted on a leaderboard since CSD considers this to be student shaming. If your platform uses leaderboards, this feature either needs to be disabled, or student names/photos must be hidden/obfuscated.

A committee will assess the submitted documents. Once reviewed, the applicant will be notified of the committee’s decision, either receiving a fundraising approval letter or a notification of denial from the Foundation office.

Once approval is given and background checks have been cleared, vendors may set an appointment with appropriate school personnel as a way to introduce themselves and their program/service. Vendor representatives should be professional in their demeanor and respectful of their potential client’s time. Vendors may not disrupt class time or school instructional time to contact school personnel.

Receiving approval does not guarantee any vendor that a school or organization must meet with them, nor is it an endorsement of any product, service, or material. It is expected that all vendors will respect school administration and personnel and support an organization’s decision when it comes to choosing a fundraising program. Any violation of these expectations may result in a vendor losing the privilege of conducting business within Canyons School District.

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