Approved Fundraiser Vendors

Susie Carlson

Activity-based online fundraising

Costs/earnings: school/club/team/PTA pays up to 30% of sales + 3-4% online transaction fee + $50-$100 for prizes

Susie Carlson

Fun runs

Costs/earnings: school/club/team/PTA pays up to 30% of sales + 3-4% online transaction fee + $50-$100 for prizes

Garn McMullin

Mexican vanilla sales

Costs/Earnings: School/club/team gets $8 for each 1-liter bottle sold. Shipping costs extra.

Joy Pascol

Online pledge-based fitness program (fun run)

Costs/earnings: school/club/team/PTA pays $2000 base cost + 10-50% of funds raised (depending on chosen service level &/or amount raised)

Michele Olsen
435-258-2477 ext 34

Ice cream bar sales

Costs/earnings: school/club/team/PTA keeps 40% of the proceeds from each box sold

Julie Dooley 

Mattress, adjustable bed, pillow, mattress protector, and sheet sales; Drinkware sales, Crazy Socks sales, Discount Card sales 


Mattress sales – school gets $50-$100/mattress sold, $15 for each pillow/sheet sold, plus bonuses for volume sales

Online sales of drinkware – school receives $10 per unit sold

Crazy Socks sales – school receives $10 for each 3-pack sold

National Discount Card Sales – School receives $15 for each card sold

Susan Hiatt

Ticket sales 

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets $2 for each $5 admission sold, or $4 for each $10 pass sold

Marty Giovacchini

Cookie dough, frozen food, chocolates, popcorn, gifts, and flower/flower bulb sales; Loyalty Rewards, Matching Grants

Costs/Earnings: schools keep 40%-50% of the profits, depending on products chosen

Joe DeHaan 

Cookie dough, caramel corn, popcorn, and easter chocolate sales

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team/PTA keeps 45% of retail price

Edie Morgan

Frozen butter braid pastry sales

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team/PTA purchases the pastries for $9 each and sells them for $15 each

Sarah Bailey

Produce (citrus) sales of oranges, grapefruit, clementines, etc.

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team/PTA purchases product for wholesale and sells it for higher price (typical earnings are 35-49% of total proceeds)

Mark Ibrahim 

 Product sales (cookie dough, drink tumblers, gourmet popcorn, chocolate pretzels, jerky) & Discount Card sales


Product sales – schools/clubs/teams keep 40% of proceeds

Discount merchant card sales –  schools/clubs/teams get $12+/card sold

Maria Miles 

Online donation platform to use w/ fun runs or ‘-a-thons’

Costs: $499 start-up fee + avg of 4% online usage fees

Chris Holden 

Bed sheet and pillowcase sales


Bed sheet sales – school/club/team receives 25% of the sales price from each sheet set sold

Pillowcase sales – school/club/team receives 33% of the sales price from each extra pillowcase sold

Becky Hatfield

Product sales (Wasatch Savings books, candy bars, cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, gift catalog items)


Wasatch Savings books & candy bars – school/club/team gets 50% of the sales

Cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, and gift catalog sales – school/club/team gets ~40% of the sales

Paul Furse

Sales of $100 Jonathan’s Jewelry gift cards

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets the cards at no cost and sell them for the price of their choice (typically $20-$30)

Lucinda Anderson

Baking mix sales

Costs/Earnings – school/club/team gets 50% of the sales

Wen Wagstaff

Peel-a-Deal fundraising card sales

Costs/Earnings – school/club/team gets up to 90% of the sales


Fundraising cards for discounts at local restaurants/venues

Costs/Earnings – school/club/team sells cards for $25 each and keeps 50% of the proceeds

David Bruner

Physical & digital coupons and discount card sales

Cost/Earnings: Commission fee is up to 30% of sales, depending on chosen products/service

Shannon Gauthier

Day at the Wash fundraiser & Quackals Community Card sales


Day at the Wash – Distribute flyers to earn donations ($2 for membership visits, 50% for single wash purchases, $20 for new memberships sold) 

Quackals Community Cards – Students sell cards for $10 each, school/club/team/PTA keeps 50%

Kenny Brown 

Product sales (Cookie dough, discount card/book, travel discounts, chocolate, photo poster board, seasonal gift items, apparel, team tumbler/cup, mixed nut, Cinnabon bites, gift wrap, popcorn, jewelry, and bed sheets)

Costs/Earnings: Shipping fee $99. Schools earn 40%-70% of the proceeds, depending on product being sold.

David Lee 

Popcorn and Discount Card sales

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 50% of proceeds

Cristie Briggs 

Sales of sandals with school logo 

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 40% of the sales

Snap! Raise 

Online donation platform 

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 80% of the sales

David Logan

Stadium blanket sales 

Costs/Earnings: schools/clubs/teams purchase at wholesale price, sell at a markup

Joel Flaker

Online sponsorship & fundraising management platform

Costs/Earnings:  4.9% + $0.30 per credit card transaction

Mark Walker 

Online donation platform

Costs/Earnings: 5% + $1 transaction fee on each sale

Nikki Childs 

Cookie & drink card sales and spirit nights

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 35% of cookie/drink card sales

Justin Terry

Cookie dough, coupon card, ticket, popcorn, beef jerky, and team tumbler sales; No-fuss online fundraisers


Product sales – school/club/team gets 40-80% of the proceeds (depends on which products they choose to sell)

Online no-fuss fundraiser – No set-up fees; school/club/team/PTA gets 80% of proceeds

James McDonald 

Discount book for SL County

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team keeps 50% of sales

Steve Conger 

Chocolate bar sales

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 50% of the proceeds

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