Approved Fundraiser Vendors

Approved Fundraiser Vendors

Chapman Walk

*Fundraising software.

*Keep up to 90% of funds raised*

*No upfront costs.

*No Minimums.

*No credit card charges.

Susie Carlson

Fun runs

Costs/earnings: school/club/team/PTA pays up to 30% of sales + 3-4% online transaction fee + $50-$100 for prizes

Garn McMullin

Mexican vanilla sales

Costs/Earnings: School/club/team gets $10 for each 1-liter bottle sold. Shipping costs extra.

Joy Pascol

Online pledge-based fitness program (fun run)

Costs/earnings: school/club/team/PTA pays $2000 base cost. Earn 50-85% of funds raised (depending on chosen service level & amount raised)

Samuel Craghead

Mattress, adjustable bed, pillow, mattress protector, and sheet sales; Drinkware sales, Crazy Socks sales, Discount Card sales 


Mattress sales – school gets $50-$125/mattress sold, $15 for each pillow/sheet sold, plus bonuses for volume sales

Online sales of drinkware – school receives $10 per unit sold

Crazy Socks sales – school receives $10 for each 3-pack sold

National Discount Card Sales – School receives $15 for each card sold

Joe DeHaan 

Cookie dough, caramel corn, popcorn, and easter chocolate sales, dollar candy bars, chocolatiers candy bars, sweet & salty pretzel rods, Little Caesars pizza (Ask for more information)

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team/PTA keeps 40% of retail price

Kristi Frevele


Online donation platform

Participants connect with supporters from their devices.  Funds are remitted monthly until campaign is completed.

Edie Morgan

Frozen butter braid pastry sales. Comes in six flavors.

Cookie Dough Sales.

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team/PTA purchases the pastries for $16 and get to keep 40%.

Cookie dough sales $20 and they get to keep 40%.

Sarah Bailey

Produce (citrus) sales of oranges, grapefruit, clementines, etc.

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team/PTA purchases product for wholesale and sells it for higher price (typical earnings are 35-49% of total proceeds)

Mark Ibrahim 

 Product sales (cookie dough, drink tumblers, gourmet popcorn, chocolate pretzels, jerky) & Discount Card sales


Product sales – schools/clubs/teams keep 40% of proceeds

Discount merchant card sales –  schools/clubs/teams get 60%+ of proceeds

Donation solicitations – schools/clubs/teams get 80% of gross campaign

Connor Clancy

Online donation platform

Cost/Earnings: Organization keeps 80%  (85% kept when 85% of participants raise at least $1.00)





Morgan May

 Donation platform; Cookie dough & popcorn sales; Discount cards/ticket sales


Tickets/Card Sales – School/Club/Team/PTA earns 50% -70% depending on number of tickets/cards sold

Cookie Dough/Popcorn Sales – school/team receives $8.75-$10.00 per unit. Depending on the amount sold.

Donation Platform- School/Club/Team/PTA earns 75% of donations made on the platform

Maria Miles 

Online donation platform to use w/ fun runs or ‘-a-thons’

Costs: $499 start-up fee + avg of 4% online usage fees

Matt Harrell


Online e-commerce store, crowd funding site for jog-a-thon, no fuss funding, shopping givebacks, no cost to local PTA’s.

Transaction fees one = 3.95 % + $0.59 per transaction.  Can be absorbed or passed onto donor.

Becky Hatfield

Product sales (Wasatch Savings books, candy bars, cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, gift catalog items)


Wasatch Savings books & candy bars – school/club/team gets 50% of the sales

Cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, and gift catalog sales – school/club/team gets ~40% of the sales

Jeff Meek

Product sales (Wasatch Savings books, candy bars, cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, gift catalog items)


Wasatch Savings books & candy bars – school/club/team gets 50% of the sales

Cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, and gift catalog sales – school/club/team gets ~40% of the sales

Wen Wagstaff

Peel-a-Deal fundraising card sales (schools are charged $1 for each card)

Example: Buy 50 cards sell at $10 each =$500

Cost $50= $450 profit for school or club

Spirit Week (Wednesday-Saturday) Papa Murphy’s donates 15% of sales for that time period.

Lorie Casuga

Fundraising cards for discounts at local restaurants/venues

Costs/Earnings – school/club/team sells cards for $25 each and keeps 50% of the proceeds

David Bruner

Physical & digital coupons and discount card sales

Cost/Earnings: Commission fee is up to 30% of sales, depending on chosen products/service

Kenny Brown 

Product sales (Cookie dough, discount card- physical or digital app), hotel discounts, chocolate, sponsorship, seasonal gift items, apparel, team tumbler/cup, mixed nut,  popcorn.

Earnings:  Schools earn 40%-100% of the proceeds, depending on product being sold.

Stephanie Davern

Online donation platform

Schools register. Families can create student accounts and share the information to receive donations.

Andy Monson

Popcorn sales

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 50% of proceeds

Snap! Raise 

Online donation platform 

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 80% of the sales

David Logan

Stadium blanket sales 

Costs/Earnings: schools/clubs/teams purchase at wholesale price, sell at a markup

Jesse Myrick

Online donation platform

Costs/Earnings: 5% + $1 transaction fee on each sale

Alan Anderson

Caramel, fudge, and popcorn sales, plus online donation platform


Product sales – school/club/team gets 40% of the sales

Online donations – school/club/team gets 80% of donations

Dana Rollins

Punch card sales: drink, cookie, or pretzel bite cards

Costs/Earnings:Drink, Cookie,Pretzel bites cards –

school/club/team gets $7-9 depending on fundraiser bonus at the time of sales.

In-Store Spirit Event earn 25% of all sales.

Mike Riggers


Orange and Grapefruit sales 

Costs/Earnings: earn up to 100% profit, contact-free, 

Mitch Tulane 

Cookie & drink card sales

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 34% of cookie/drink card sales

Justin Terry

Cookie dough, coupon card, ticket, popcorn, beef jerky, and team tumbler sales; No-fuss online fundraisers


Product sales – school/club/team gets 40-80% of the proceeds (depends on which products they choose to sell)

Online no-fuss fundraiser – No set-up fees; school/club/team/PTA gets 80% of proceeds

Krista Leavitt


  Costs/Earnings: Schools keep 75%-85% of money through streaming sports and events live.

Chaz Paduano
844-867-2473 ext 700

Discount card sales

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team keeps 50% of the proceeds from each card sold/not returned

Holly Beck

Discount book for SL County

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team keeps 50% of sales

Steve Conger 

Chocolate bar sales

Costs/Earnings: school/club/team gets 50% of the proceeds

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