Advertising Guidelines

Advertising Guidelines

Canyons District offers several opportunities to advertise your business, non-profit or event to our 34,000 students and their families and over 6,000 employees.

Information About:

Rules and Guidelines

Advertising must be applicable to intended audience: Approval may only be given for information or activities appropriate for and directed towards the age of students attending the school(s) targeted for advertising.

Canyons does not:

  • Allow paper flyers to be sent home
  • Allow businesses or organizations to advertise during school hours or official events, including parent/teacher conferences
  • Allow businesses to stand outside of our schools handing out flyers or promotional offers

Advertising materials cannot:

  • Interfere with the District’s educational objectives
  • Compete with approved District programs
  • Be obscene or libelous in nature
  • Be contrary to the curriculum adopted by the District
  • Advertise a product or service not permitted to minors by law
  • Advertise for a political purpose or to influence a ballot proposition
  • Advertise fundraising activities or contests for non-school sponsored organizations
  • Advertise illegal products or acts or be against health orders
  • Advertise or solicit volunteers, internships or employment opportunities for outside organizations
  • Advertise activities or services to students that contribute to unreasonable absenteeism during the regularly scheduled school day
  • Advocate the violation of school regulations
  • Discriminate against any person based on race, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability or public assistance status
  • Violate any state or federal laws, rules, regulations or District policies and procedures
  • Threaten or cause disruption with a school or school-sponsored activity
  • Contain any content that may give rise to the District’s civil or criminal liability
  • Advertise for a religious purpose or to influence religious views
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