District Sponsorships

District Sponsorships

Become a Canyons District Corporate Sponsor

Looking to get more mileage from your advertising dollars? Become a Canyons District sponsor and purchase a school bus banner. CSD’s buses spend an average of five hours a day on the road, at least five days a week. They travel 800,000 miles annually and are pretty hard to miss. Build recognition for your brand and reach new customers while allying yourself with the mission and value of public education.

Bus Sponsorships

  • Ten-month agreement
  • King/Large ($4,000) and Queen/Medium ($3,000) available
  • Two buses per sponsorship (four ad panels)
  • 3M vehicle adhesive with UV coating
  • Ad installation and removal included

Sponsoring a Bus Banner

  1. Please read our advertising guidelines.
  2. Email marie.loudon@canyonsdistrict.org to determine your eligibility for a bus sponsorship. Please include the name of your organization and a brief description.
  3. Fill out the banner advertising agreement (received via email from Step 2)
  4. Pay Online; by selecting the yellow “donate” button under Foundation on the left side of the page. Click on the “+ Donation Instructions” to reveal the box to indicate what your donation is for.
  5. Return the completed agreement to marie.loudon@canyonsdistrict.org.

Advertising Timeframes

Bus advertising may be scheduled during the following timeframes:

  1. June 1st through July 15th for a 10-month agreement to be placed for the following school year
  2. June 1st through November 30th, please contact Marie Loudon at 801-826-5115 for information regarding mid-year agreements

Please Note

  • The banner sponsor is responsible for designing the banner per the specs detailed below.
  • If you have additional banner questions, please contact Marie Loudon at 801-826-5115 or Susan Edwards at 801-826-5184.
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