2020 Scholarship Recipients

Asha Brown, is a vibrant and motivated young woman with inner strength that helped her overcome a challenging, chaotic childhood. Her family moved frequently and struggled meeting the basic needs of housing and food. Through all the struggles, Asha has demonstrated resilience and a desire to continue her education while caring for her now eight-month old son. Asha dreams of a career in the legal field and hopes to shape the world into a better place. She has demonstrated exceptional self-advocacy and perseverance to complete high school and has the motivation to begin a pre-law program at the University of Utah.
Asha Brown
Brighton High School
John has been the physical and emotional rock to his mother, who is battling cancer. John is very thankful for the goodness of neighbors and others that provided food and support to his family. Even while taking care of chores around the house he played in the jazz band and was a member of the football team. The Chargers went on to win the 6A championship. John has enlisted in the United States Navy and will serve his country beginning in August. His character, leadership skills and work ethic will carry him far.
John Glavin
Corner Canyon High School
Rose Briones does not know the meaning of giving up. She has worked hard her whole life to make her world a better place. In the process she has decided she can make the world a better place for others as well. She plans to be a certified EMT and continue her college education to become a flight paramedic. She feels that although being in foster care has been one of the hardest things in her life, it has also blessed her with great opportunities and support. She is committed, dedicated, and resilient. Life has not been easy but she refuses to let this dictate what she can and cannot do. Rose is courageous, hopeful and ready for college. Click here to see how Rose was highlighted by KSL-TV.
Rose Briones
Jordan High School
Natalie found herself more than a year behind in credits when she entered Diamond Ridge, Canyons’ alternative high school. Natalie plans to go to Salt Lake Community College then transfer to the University of Utah. Natalie wants a career where she can help kids, with her caring nature and personality, possibly as a therapist or a psychologist. She an exceptional student and is a leader in Student Government. Diamond Ridge is a unique school, and Natalie found that it was the perfect fit for her.
Natalie Sala
Diamond Ridge High School
Abigail, who has congenital heart disease, has missed a lot of touchstones in her life, first days of school, birthday parties, school dances, football games, but as an Alta High graduate she is headed to Brigham Young University to pursue a career in nursing. Abby has consistently taken rigorous and challenging classes and has maintained an exceptional grade point average. She has not used her challenges in life as an excuse to lighten her load. She’s already earned her CNA certification.
Abby Coleman
Alta High School
Committed. Creative. Kind. Respectful. This is how Stryder Poulson is described by his teachers. As a Student Body Officer, he encouraged and helped others. Stryder is always looking at the positive side of life no matter what circumstances may arise. During his sophomore year he experienced severe leg pains that limited his participation in extracurricular activities. His plans include serving a mission for the LDS church before he begins his college career at the University of Utah. He plans to go into engineering or architectural design.
Stryder Poulson
Brighton High
Alexa Davis plans to attend Salt Lake Community College to obtain her generals and elementary associate degree. Her ultimate goal is to become an elementary school teacher, developing relationships with students, helping them grow and achieve their goals.

Alexa lives with her grandma and younger sister due to tragic family experiences. The chaos in her family life has not stopped her from setting priorities and working towards her goals. Alexa possesses qualities of a leader. She is brave, kind, and inspirational. Despite her obstacles and challenges, she continues to work to improve herself and the lives of others around her.
Alexa Davis
Corner Canyon High School
Yovanni’s life illustrates not only his readiness for higher education, but also his abundant leadership experience and his generous spirit. He took the most rigorous schedule possible at Hillcrest High and pushed himself in all academic areas. Yovanni is bright, conscientious, passionate, and hard-working. He comes from a single parent home where he helps his mother financially as her only income is a disability check due injuries sustained in a car accident. As a student body officer, he has honed his leadership skills through countless school-wide activities and service projects. Yovanni is passionate about creating equitable and inclusive learning environments for all students and plans to carry that with him as he starts his college career at the University of Utah.
Yovanni Valdez
Hillcrest High School
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