Rules and Guidelines


All materials must contain a disclaimer on the flyer with the following language: Distribution of these materials is in no way an endorsement by Canyons School District of services, activities, and/or products.

  1. Identifying information: Flyers must contain information clearly identifying the sponsoring person(s) or organization(s) including web address and contact info.
  2. Applicability to Intended Audience: Approval may only be given for information or activities appropriate for and directed towards the age of students attending the school(s) targeted for printed distribution.
  3. School Principals: The school principal may ask for flyers to be taken down for various reasons. If so, Peachjar will add site credits for posting fees and the District will refund distribution fees accordingly.

Prohibited Flyer Material 

Materials cannot:

  • Interfere with the District's educational objectives
  • Compete with approved District programs
  • Be obscene or libelous in nature
  • Be contrary to the curriculum adopted by the District
  • Advertise a product or service not permitted to minors by law
  • Advertise for a political purpose or to influence a ballot proposition
  • Advertise fundraising activities or contests for non-school sponsored organizations
  • Advertise or solicit volunteers, internships or employment opportunities for outside organizations
  • Advertise activities or services to students that occur during the regularly scheduled school day
  • Advocate the violation of school regulations
  • Discriminate against any person based on race, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability or public assistance status