Innovation Grants


The Canyons School District Education Foundation is pleased to offer Foundation Innovation Grants to our district teachers. Grants are awarded to recognize and support excellence in teaching by providing funds — up to $10,000 — to enhance elementary, middle school and high school curriculum. Canyons District teachers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to directly impact the classroom, encourage students and raise the bar on exemplary teaching methods.

All educators in Canyons School District are eligible to apply for funding to implement worthwhile and innovative projects related to student achievement. Teachers can apply for a funding from $1,000 to $10,000. A grant request for funding of less that $1,000 should be loaded on for private or foundation funding.

Individual teachers, as well as teams of teachers, may submit applications for project funding. If a team of teachers receives a winning grant, the equipment must stay in the school where the grant originated. If at anytime the District feels that the grant equipment is not in alignment with the academic mission of the district, the grant equipment may be evaluated for continued use.  

The application window opens the first day of school and grant applications are due at the end of September. Grants are awarded in November.

For questions concerning the application, contact Denise Haycock at 801-826-5178.

Guidelines to Help Those Applying for the Innovation Grant:

  1. All interested applicants must complete an Application. All applications must include the following requirements (can be written in Word format):
    1. Overview of the project, total of funds needed, and how they would be used to support or enhance teaching and learning in your classroom (limit 500 words)
    2. How many students are impacted and how the project enhances educational outcomes for those students; include goals and objectives (limit 500 words)
    3. Specific learning activities that grant materials would enhance (limit 300 words)
    4. A timeline for implementation of grant funds and materials (limit 300 words)

Awards are based on the educational merit, as well as innovation of the proposed project. (Please be specific about how the grant innovation will improve the learning outcomes or environment for your students. For example: Do not just ask for Chromebooks - explain in detail how you will be innovative with the Chromebooks and most importantly, how they will impact students and the learning process.  Share what they will be used for and in what capacity it will impact learning in your classroom.).

  1. Grant recipients are required to submit a budget sheet (download here) along with the required Application that lists the anticipated materials and cost of items. Understand that purchases will be made by the district and not by individual grant recipients. 
  1. At the end of the school year, by May 15, 2020, grant recipients must submit an Impact Report  (download here) explaining how this impacted students and the learning process. Parts or all of these reports may be used to help solicit additional grant donors for future funding. 

**These three requirements are mandatory:  The (1) Application, (2) Budget Sheet, and (3) Impact Report (due by 5:00pm on May 24, 2020).

Please Take Note of the Following Guidelines:

  • Funds cannot be used to purchase any food.
  • Reusable “non-consumable” grant materials will become property of Canyons School District and will not be considered personal property of the grant winner. If a grant winner moves schools within the district, materials may move with the teacher if permission is granted by The Canyons Education Foundation.  If a teacher leaves the district for any reason, grant materials will become property of the school where the awarded teacher was last working (does not apply to team applicants).  
  • Funds must be spent during the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Applications, Budgets, and final Impact Reports should be submitted electronically or through district mail by the deadlines noted.  Keep a copy of all documents submitted.
  • Please avoid using the school name or other identifying elements so your application can remain anonymous during the review process. The Grant Review Committee will be using the rubric to evaluate all application criteria. 
  • Grant award winners will be notified in a surprising moment in their classrooms in November.

Application |  download: Budget Sheet  |  Rubric  |  download: Impact Report